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Growth is a process that can only be sustained with the right team behind it. Our goal is to grow with your business, as your partner we are committed to working with you in whatever capacity your team needs. We know growth isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. When you work with Cognits we are your partner, an extension of your team, to help you stay focused on the goal and exceed your expectations. We take growth seriously from our business partnerships to our commitment to the environment and our communities. As a business we operate with integrity, transparency and flexibility, and make a conscious effort to consider our place within and impact on society. Cognits was founded in 2014 in Guatemala. Since its inception, we have become an expert in delivering world-class digital experiences to our customers. In 2021, Cognits merged with U.S. based Kale Ventures, headquartered in Austin, TX. We’re now able to expand our partnerships with clients by now offering a line of strategic services aimed at identifying gaps and opportunities across your growth journey. Our team of over 100 talented professionals with diverse experience and knowledge in Guatemala and the U.S. make us a dynamic partner to meet your needs.



The Cognits technology team is multi-faceted with talent across front- and back-end stacks, quality management and agile coaching. We adhere to agile principles when appropriate and engage in a staff augmentation capacity if desired by our clients.


We put users at the center of any design process, and bring experiences to life based on those insights. Our research, UX and UI designers are seasoned collaborators with strategists, client stakeholders, technologists alike.


Cognits marketing strategists, content creators and creative talent are prepared to engage across the marketing and sales life cycle - holistically or tactically - from demand generation all the way through e-commerce conversion.



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