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Source360 is an Austin & Costa Rican based systems integrator specializing in digital marketing transformation through the deployment of custom applications, content & asset management systems (CMS & DAM), digital forms & workflow, and 3D visualization & configuration platforms. We have been in business since 2008 and we are one of Threekit's earliest partners and now one of its most experienced. We are a full service partner providing services in 3D modeling, platform configuration and UI development in support of Threekit projects.

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Source 360 is a strategic consulting partner that provides implementation expertise for business-driven technology solutions that streamline workflow processes, improve productivity and maximize return on your technology investment. We strive to gain a deep understanding of our customers’ business processes so that they can be combined with simple, intelligent designs that leverage state-of-the-art innovation. We excel at solving the difficult challenges that come with building and supporting mission-critical solutions that help Enterprise business and technology leaders to achieve current and future goals.

Our Team

Charles Rich photo

Charles Rich


Hugh Barton photo

Hugh Barton

VP of Business Development

Lisa Smith photo

Lisa Smith

Director of Resources and Contracts

Esteban Quesada photo

Esteban Quesada

Resource Manager - Costa Rica

Richard Davis photo

Richard Davis

Chief Technical Officer

Christina Ewoldt, PMP photo

Christina Ewoldt, PMP

Director of Project Managment

Holly Heartso photo

Holly Heartso

Lead Product Owner

Rich Merrill photo

Rich Merrill

Lead ThreeKit Architect

Maria Jose Cardona photo

Maria Jose Cardona

Lead 3D Modeling Team


Digital Transformation

Whether it is a custom application development effort or the implementation of packaged software from our vendor partners like Adobe, Source360’s consulting services delivers on the promise of digital transformation. Our services start with an in-depth understanding of the challenge at hand. Through a workshop-based approach, we quickly distill an agile based approach to design, development, testing and delivery.

Services & Support

Source360 helps customers to design, develop, optimize and quality-test an intelligent infrastructure that maximizes the potential gains from the interdependence of business process and technology innovation. The synthesis of both business strategy and IT expertise allows for a deeper penetration and understanding of a company’s critical risks and issues. In addition, it helps to identify them early in the process, determine the root cause(s) and offer meaningful, practical solutions.

Nearshore Services

Source360 has a network of experienced technology resources based in San Jose, Costa Rica. San Jose is a notable and trusted nearshore center for many multi-national companies based in the United States. As such, there is a rich pool of talented, bilingual software development engineers in the country.


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  • Project #315
  • Project #314
  • Project #290
  • Project #311
  • Project #279



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