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Let us convey the shapes & textures of your products to your buyers

Why we are super?


Let your buyers not just visualize but feel your products – as they shop online. Transform their buying experience with 3D technologies. Each one of your products deserves to be represented exquisitely. And, this is where our craftsmanship comes into play – We help you create an appealing 3D representation of your products! Our leading and aggressive 3D artists pay attention to technicalities and dynamics to make a product visually appealing and real.



In the current era of technology, Custom 3D modeling can infuse dynamism and flexibility to any retail business. Custom 3D models are perfect if you are seeking to get the attention of potentials buyers. Smart 3D engineers of SuperDNA evaluate every model comprehensively for making realistic 3D models from minimalistic icons. When it comes to custom modeling, special attention is given to unwrapping structure, so that user can visualize a single product with multiple textures. We place high attention for following manual unwrapping structure where emphasis is laid down for seams, nail-heads and folds etc. so that we provide a file with seamless texture.


The current need of business verticals and industrial segments demand smart technologies so that the customer can visualize the product accurately. At SuperDNA, we understand customers’ needs and are helping retail giants developing low and mid poly models. These low & mid poly models are specially designed for AR/VR and other advanced real-time applications. A specific poly limit is provided by the customer. The number of poly limit depends upon the overall complexity of the model. We aim to put an end to the element of doubt when it comes to making a purchase for customers. 3D models made by us enable our clients’ customers virtually feel the product before buying it.


Over the years, SuperDNA has created it’s our own material library which include textures of almost all categories. We have created more than 50,000 materials so far and our library include textures of glass, wood, fabric, metal, leather, plastic & rubber. For creating outstanding materials, our artists use substance painter, V-ray, Marmoset and keyshot.




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