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We boost your B2C and B2B eCommerce by using the newest Web3D technology.

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We boost your B2C and B2B eCommerce by using the newest Web3D technology. Imagine if your client could customize your product in real time just by tapping it’s features on your website and it won’t cause you any headache to create this possibility. What if you could showcase your product in 3D with ease on any browser, operating system, desktop and mobile? Real time, fully interactive, high quality, browser based, cross platform and photo-realistic look. It’s possible now with our advanced developers team and up-to-date technologies. We create a Live and interactive model of any product and integrate it with any platform. Our developers work side-by-side with Sketchfab which helps brands like Lego, Nike or Porsche, to showcase their products in 3D, VR or AR across eCommerce, social media, advertising, configurators. We use Sketchfab’s technologies and other recent powerful tools to provide you with precise 3D-configurators for your business. TapMod Studio chooses to invest time and creativity into a new era of eCommerce and product visualisation. Give it a try yourself. Check our portfolio for demos and cases.

Our Team

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Oleg Shuldiakov


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Eugene Korolev


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Ruslan ZH


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Leon Vasilyev


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Alexandra Bocharova


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Alexandra Skripkina



"When you ask what can be done in virtual reality, you are asking what human imagination can come up with. Anything we can imagine can be made into a virtual space."

Dr. Khalid Al Midfa image

Dr. Khalid Al Midfa

Chairman of Sharjah Media City (Shams) | Free Zone Authority

"Going fully virtual for an event does have a range of benefits: It opens the event up to a global audience and allows us to display products and stories that may be too big for a real-world event."

Dave Harris image

Dave Harris

Marketing Director at Sunbelt Rentals UK

"The 3D Configurator is definitely accelerating the sales process, no doubt about it. Our first conversations with people start at a pretty advanced place now."

Christopher Neidl image

Christopher Neidl

Director of Business Development at Brooklyn Solar Canopy

"– Okay, I get it... but what are the limitations?
– Well... imagine that you're God..."

David W. Sime image

David W. Sime

Augmented & Virtual Reality Producer, Writer & Public Speaker

"When a potential client can visualize a product, they are much more likely to finalize a purchase."

Bobby Bala image

Bobby Bala

President/CEO of Elite Home Theater Seating. Filmmaker




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